25 Things to do when you are bored

I don’t about you, but dont you feel like you have so much time in your hands during the summer time? Sometimes when I am procrastinating, I feel like a coach potato. But today, I will list out 25 things to do to keep you busy from being lazy.

1) Clean your room and organize your space. – I am guilty for not cleaning my room. I’ll probably clean it out probably twice a year which is bad on my part. I am the girl who is always busy so I actually don’t have time to clean up. But I manage to make a huge mess. Shout out to my future husband who is going to have to help me break this habit.

2) Create a playlist from your music library. – I always update my music playlist and make new playlist. Its great to kill time because music is everyone’s best friend.

3) Watch some Youtube Videos or Watch a movie on Netflix. – This one is self explanatory.

4) Write a list of things to do. Goals or anything. – I like to write things down because I feel like having a list will help my busy life.

5) Clean out your closet and donating/sell your clothes by having a online closet sale. – Why not, you can make money and clear your closet. I should do this soon because my closet is hella crazy.

6) Find a recipe online and make it. – Explore your inner-chef. Try something new.

7) Research on a topic of your choice. – I like to do random researches on certain places, facts and etc. Just random things that I should know about.

8) Go through your makeup and throw out any expired products.

9) Clean your make up brushes.

10) Write in a journal. – This is a great way to kill time.

11) Online shop. – Way too perfect for me to kill some time.

12) Do some yoga. – Nothing beats meditation and relaxation.

13) Do some DIY projects.

14) Write a letter to your pen pal. – I did this a lot during the times when I had to spare in between my classes in university. Nothing beats the old snail mail.

15) Write down quotes, and reminders on sticky notes. Post them everywhere. – I did this in my freshman year of university. My friends love my inspiration wall that I had up in my dorm room.

16) Create a tumblr or a blog.

17) Read a book.

18) Create tomorrow’s outfit.

19) Plan out some long/short term goals for yourself.

20) Have a collection of loose change and put them in a jar, while cleaning your room.

21) Paint your nails. – Girl, I know you gotta look fresh to death.

22) Read your high school yearbooks. – Nice to go back and compare people that you used go to school with.

23) Organize your files Or delete old and unnecessary files from your computer.

24) Take a nap. (If you can)

25) Go on pinterest and plan things. – Like your future wedding, outfits, school stuff and more.


If you think I am missing anything on this list leave it down below. If you have any suggestions or comments, leave it in the comment section below. Please follow my social media sites. Twitter and Instagram: @brigittemegan and tumblr http://forevercanucks.tumblr.com and pinteresthttp://pinterest.com/brigittemegan

Until next time, catch you on the flip side.



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