My quick rant about Apple

I’ve been using Apple produces for many years, but I’m questioning where the company is heading. I know everyone in their mother is trying to get a hold of the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in Jet Black (myself included), but come on Apple you had one job! The pre-ordering process was just awful. That I still don’t even have my iPhone 7 Plus. My last experience when I bought my iPhone 6 was one hundred times better than this time around. I was able to pre-order my iPhone 6 a week before they even announced it. Talk about being a keener. Sure, people are telling me “Don’t even bother upgrading.”My 2-year agreement with my wireless company was up in September, which means I am due for an upgrade. When my upgrade happens, I take it into my hands and get the best thing that’s on the market that will last me for 2-3 years before things just go south. Sure I could just wait for the iPhone 8, but come on people JET BLACK!

When it comes to my MacBook Pro, oh that is going to be a major upgrade. Sure I bought myself the iPad Pro 9.7 inch, but it’s something about having to take your readings with you on the go while being able to multi-task and write notes is pleasing for me. But when it comes to typing out documents or even blogging, I love my laptop with a passion. Apple, get your shit together and update the iMac and Macbook Pro lineup because of its due for a major upgrade. And please do not get rid of the headphone jack. I’m not even kidding, I don’t know how I am going to survive with the headphone jack being gone on my iPhone. Sure I have Bluetooth in my vehicle, but times like these where I need to charge my phone and use the AUX cord at the same time because my Bluetooth is tripping out is going to be a major problem when I am driving. Let me know if you guys want me to do an unboxing video or something when I get the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in Jet Black.

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Major Updates


Photo: Whistler BC, January 2016.

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. To be honest, I feel like I need to change everything on my blog because it doesn’t represent myself. I believe that I have changed a lot since I’ve posted here and I want my blog to reflect on myself. The re-branding will be a great start to my blog, and I hope you guys understand. I have a lot that has happened since I’ve posted. So I will catch you guys up to speed.

  1. I am entering my 4th year of university: I am supposed to graduate this year, but I don’t feel confident as to what I want to do. I am planning on applying for a work term or two, thus putting me back another year. It is common for students in Canada to do their undergraduate in 5 years rather than the four years for various of reasons. I am not going to go into details, but after my 4th year, I have five classes left which is pretty much a semester. But anyways, moving on.
  2. Vehicles switch up: If you guys didn’t know I bought my first car in September of 2015, which was exciting. I had a 2006 VW Jetta in Grey. To be honest, I needed something to get me from Point A to B. But after having a lot of electrical problems, I decided to trade it in and get something I was happy to own. With my traveling and my love for the outdoors, I was narrowing down the type of vehicle I wanted. For those who know me personally, I hate car shopping with a passion. It’s funny to say that because I grew up around with cars because of my dad being an Autobody Mechanic for 30+ years. I went back and forth with small cars, but my all time dream vehicle was a Jeep Wrangler. I’ve always wanted a Wrangler since I was six years old when we moved into my childhood house. The tenants that used to live in the basement suite had a Maroon TJ, and I would stare at it every day since he would take in on adventures and come back and tell me about those adventures. I love the history of Jeeps and the Jeep community in general. FYI I did a lot of research on the Wranglers, which I can know the differences between Jeeps in general. But since I am investing in a vehicle like the Jeep, I want something that I can be proud of and know that it will hold its value since I do plan on keeping this vehicle for a while. I did also be consider the all-new Jeep Renegade, but it felt like any other Jeep (Patriot, Liberty, Compass, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee). But when I test drove a couple of Wranglers, it just felt right that I own one. I got super lucky with the Wrangler I got, but that’s for another story time. So I picked up a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S in Anvil (dull dark gray with a blue tint). I do plan on doing some mods on it, but since its the end of the Summer I am probably going to get new all terrain tires even though my Jeep has fairly new tires on it. If you guys want me to do a post or video on my take on Jeeps, comment in the comment section below!
  3. Traveling: Not going to lie, this has probably been the best summer ever. I’ve done the most amount of traveling that people wish they could do in a short amount of time. Although I’ve only stayed in the country, I have traveled to places I have never been before and I do plan on going back and do some exploring. Since I got the Jeep in mid-June, I have taken advantage of my traveling for sure. I can’t wait for what’s in store next. I’ve been to my fair share of music festivals and going to my last music festival of Summer 2016 to my favorite city of Seattle. I know it’s kind of similar to Vancouver, but it’s a great place to explore and a great comparison to Vancouver vs. Seattle.
  4. My mental state of mind: With all the distractions in life, there will always be tough times. I have gone through my fair share of them, which has made me occupy myself. Not going to lie it has helped me a lot just to keep going. And whatever is going to happen, I am ready to take on anything that life has got in store for me. Since school is starting in less than two weeks, I do plan on continuing focusing on myself and make sure that I am taking care of my well-being. It is critical to take time for yourself to figure things out and know your strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t happen overnight to change completely. Rather it is a bunch of obstacles that you will always have to go through to reach to the other side.
  5. The Hair: So if you have been following me for a while I’ve been getting my hair done in Silver, Purple, and Blue for more than a year. Not sure what we are doing next, but just wanted to up this in the update since a lot of people ask me about my hair.

My goal for all of this is to grow as a person rather be stuck in the same bubble for extended periods of time. I will continue to test my limits and do whatever it takes to get to the other side. My story won’t be the same as the others, but know that you’ll always need to step outside of your comfort zone and grow as a person. Some will just use you because of certain things that they don’t have to independence, maturity, or the strength. (Which I believe that it is unfortunate to have) However, don’t let negative people affect you. Surround yourself with positive people who have positive vibes in a positive environment. When times are tough, just keep fighting because things will work out at the end of all of this. A lot of people would come to me for advice and may say this is cliché. But once you have gone through a life experience, they realize and learn how to handle tough situations so that it doesn’t happen to them.

As to my re-branding/re-launch, I am going to look into switch up the name of this blog and the look of the blog. It may take a while since I am going back to school in the Fall, but changes are happening to this blog. As for now, if you have any suggestions or comments, leave it in the comment section below. Please follow my social media sites. Snapchat: hanktothedank Twitter and Instagram: @brigittemegan and Tumblr and Pinterest

Until next time, catch you on the flip side.

PS Live life on the wild side!



Pushing for positivity


The past couple of weeks, I have felt that I am down to my last straw. Just a couple weeks ago I had an incident when my friends were pushing negativity into my head that I was down to my breaking point. This past Friday, my friends and I were at a Frat party, and two of my friends decides to get in my car and ditch the party because they weren’t feeling it. I got really stressed out because these two friends usually want to leave the party early and would make me drive home. There are times where I am the designated driver, yet I feel like I am not being appreciated. Just last night, I was out with my friends for Halloween night. I decided that this one night was for me to get loose and actually have fun. However, my friends were asking me to call the cab, and organize everything. Later on, we were trying to leave the club and catch a cab home. However, the cabs no were to be found so we wanted for almost 2 hours. My friends were very agitated and were taking it on me when I was not in any way responsible for them.  Out of nowhere the bus shows up and I just booked it home. I thought I was going to end up in the hospital for hives. This weekend was just not the weekend I was expecting it to be.

I feel that I am missing something. I don’t know what it is, but there is a hole in my mind that is constantly telling me to be sad and shut off from the rest of the word. This is a constant battle that I have to deal with because sometimes, there will be some things that can trigger my anxiety. I am trying my best to be one step ahead by making sure that everything will find its place. Yet I find it frustrating that people aren’t putting enough effort when it comes to accountability of the relationship between friends. Because I decided one night I wanted to be free, it should mean that my friends should take charge for once and not have me to deal with everyone. I just wish that they can step foot in my shoes and take on more responsibility.

Because I am shifting myself to a position where I am dropping things that happened in the past, I find myself shutting down to certain things that happen. I just don’t know how to react. I am trying to break of my shell and just DO IT. I think this the best thing for me is to let go all of my insecurities, yet keep my beliefs and values. The clouds that has been over my head these few years will not let me stop what I am going to and do what I love. I just need to surround myself with people who will put their effort in a positive life.
I’m still confused as to where I am at. If you asked me a month ago, I would be 5 steps backward. Progress is being made, but I have a long way to go. I have to admit my brain is scatter brained and sometimes I have absolutely what is going on in the moment. I get confused and my world just stops. Not going to lie, that has probably happened to me a couple times this semester. I feel that I am pushing for positive outcomes, yet I am constantly being shot down. Whatever it circumstances are, I’m going to be the trooper I am and just deal with it or drop it complete. After all, people should be treating others with respect and show effort.

Anyways, I feel that this entry is all over the place. But my blog will resume back to the normal program. I will be blogging during my Reading break so stay tuned for more adventures.

Live life on the wild side.


How to Survive Your First Electronic Music Festival


Hello the people of the internet.

So it’s pretty much festival season, and I am sure all of you are going to hit up or wanting to go to a music festival this summer. This post is for those who are going their first Electronic Music Festival in the summer. To be honest with you when people ask me, “how many EDM festivals have I gone to?” I tell them that I have no idea. And it’s true, I have gone to way too many to even keep track. I don’t care if people say that EDM has bad influences on people. Honestly, I go to these festivals for the music and having the best time with my best friends. I decided to write this because I am sure you guys want to know what to expect at a festival.

1) DO NOT WEAR JEANS OR LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS: You will die because there are so many people around you that it gets pretty humid in there. I know you’ve all seen girls in their bras and underwear, which is totally fine (if you want show some skin). Personally, I don’t do that. Instead, I wear high-waisted shorts from American Apparel with patterns or just my athletic black racing shorts. I find that I want to be as comfortable as possible because you are going to be dancing for at least 4 hours+. As for tops, I usually wear crop tops, tank tops, or graphic t-shirts. To top it off, I wear my floral crown because I am the Sass Queen. Ahahs anyways, It adds to my outfit and its helps my friends to spot me if I were to separate from them.

2) Sneak in bottle caps from water bottles: Chances are you are going be thirsty at a the festival from all that dancing. Festivals don’t let you bring in water, and if you buy water at the festivals, they will take off the water bottle caps for you. And thus, you need to sneak in water bottle caps.

3) You are surrounded by people who are like family: I have met so many amazing people who are now my friends at these festivals. You will dance all night and be with a stadium full of people who are just ravers like you. Be nice and kind, yet be safe at these things. Something bad may happen to you.

4) Do not bring big purses or anything at all: You’ll probably need a little bit of cash, your ID, credit card. You can stuff it in your bra or bring a fanny pack. You’ll be a cool cat.

5) Wear your beat up sneakers: Old converses or shoes that you can trash after the festival. Everyone has one pair of shoes that you can always wear to a festival. You want to be as comfortable as possible.

6) Go to a festival with a group of friends, because you will have a fun time and you can rock your outfit with the squad.

Well that’s all the tips I can think of. Don’t get drugged, don’t get way too drunk that you are going to get kicked out of the venue. If you have any suggestions or comments, leave it in the comment section below. Please follow my social media sites. Twitter and Instagram: @brigittemegan and tumblr and pinterest

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PS Live life on the wild side!



Travel gear

Hello to the people of the internet!


Today’s post is on my travel gear. I think I posted something like this a year ago, but I wanted to show you guys what I carry when I am traveling. Since I am going to be traveling a lot this summer, I decided to show you. I am so going to show you guys how to pack for a long haul flight with a limited amount of stuff. Lets go!


This is the backpack I am using. It is the Lululemon traveling yogini rucksack bag. It is an expensive bag, but it was worth the investment. However the chest straps fall out very easily, and lululemon does not have replacements for them, which is sad. So lets see what I have in my backpack.


From left to right: Origins Zero Oil cleanser. Foreo Luna Mini face cleanser. (If you want me to do a review of this product, let me know and I will write about that in my blog). Guess watch


Left to right: Monster Inspiration Headphones in Black. Matt and Nat wallet in rose gold.


From left to right: Camlback eddy water bottle. Wilfred deconstructive blanket scarf from Aritzia. Birkenstocks. White slip on Vans. Canadian Passport.

Obviously I would have my laptop, or iPad, and DSLR camera in my bag. Thanks for reading. If you know a site where I can rebrand my blog and what not, please let me know. I plan on making some changes on my blog and have my own website up probably during the summer. If you have any suggestions or comments, leave it in the comment section below. Please follow my social media sites. Twitter and Instagram: @brigittemegan and tumblr and pinterest

Until next time, catch you on the flip side.

PS Live life on the wild side!



Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015


Hello world!

I am honestly excited for 2015, well more like the second half of 2015. But nonetheless this year is another bittersweet year for me. It was an emotional roller coaster and I hope to get my life back in order. This post is not going to be one of those negative post where I talk about everything. This post is going to highlight the best moments of 2014.

First I want to talk about my 19th birthday. Yes I did turn of legal age in Canada and I’ve only drank a little bit before my 19th birthday. But turning 19 is like that year where its your last year of being a teenager which can be scary. Lots of responsibilities, challenges and everything else in between. But I was glad that everything worked well for my 19th birthday. Speaking of which, I went to Seasons Fest a couple days before my birthday and saw Zedd, Duke Dumont, and Flume. You had no idea how excited was to see Zedd. I honestly connected with his music. I know everyone is like going to say, oh that Clarity song? Is that the only song you know from Zedd? I love his song Find You and Stay the Night because it connected with me so well. These two songs put me in a place where I can express myself and I am so glad that I also saw Zedd this past weekend at Contact Fest. Overall, EDM has played a huge role in my life and I can’t even express my love for EDM.

This year was also a year where I also find my true friends and find love. Okay let me say that my love life is a complicated story and I am not going to go into details about that. But I am going to talk about my friends. If my friends are reading this, they know who they are. A group of my friends have been there for me throughout my whole ordeal this past year. They have been there for me through the mental breakdowns, the random 5am honesty hours and the random adventures to Langford at 3am or drives to MT Tomie. Nonetheless I want to thank my friends for being there for me. I have realized who my true friends are and I am looking forward to the crazy adventures we are going to have coming soon.

I want to say that 2015 is going to hopefully be my recovery year. Its hard to tell when the year hasn’t started yet but I just want to move on and just be happy. Although there can be challenges that are coming ahead, I am ready to face them and be a strong as ever. 2015 is also the year where I turn 20, the year where I enter into the wild 20s. Living life to the fullest and live the adventures. If you have read my last post on my goals for 2015 feel free to do that.

Hope you guys enjoy your new years, say safe and I will talk to you guys in 2015. If you have any suggestions or comments, leave it in the comment section below. Please follow my social media sites. Twitter and Instagram: @brigittemegan and tumblr and pinterest

Until next time, catch you on the flip side.

PS Live life on the wild side!



Goals for 2015


Hello to my amazing human beings of the internet,

I need to seriously come up with a new introduction for you guys. Anyways today’s blog post is about goals for 2015. I’m sure you guys are in the process of making New Years Resolutions for yourselves. Whether it is going to the gym, trying to break a record, or whatever; I am sure that we have set goals for ourselves to keep us motivate. Yearly I have been posting my year goals on my tumblr but since I have started using this blog, I guess I might as well post it here and pick up blogging again. If you guys go on my tumblr and click on this link: you will find my last’s year goals. Now that I look at it, I feel like that I’ve completed a couple of them. But I feel like the things I have on that list is just crazy. So it had me thinking, I need to make better goals for next year.

Overall, 2014 has been a bittersweet year. With the heartbreaks, the happiness in and everything else in between. So here is my list for 2015. Who know’s in a year, I might have completed one or the whole goal list.

1) Get myself to Europe for Summer 2015

2) Get through and sort through my schooling

3) Get my Full licence/Class 5 before I turn 20.

4) Drama free year. (Please)

5) Road trip during reading break or summer break

6) Get back in good shape

7) Take up blogging and youtube

8) Break out of my shell even more.

9) Forgive and forget.

10) Be more open with my friends with everything.

11) Celebrate my day with the people I love the most.

So there’s my list for now. I know its short but you gotta take little steps before you start to dream big. Anyways, Let me know what is on your new years goal! If you have any suggestions or comments, leave it in the comment section below. Please follow my social media sites. Twitter and Instagram: @brigittemegan and tumblr and pinterest

Until next time, catch you on the flip side.





Hi everyone,

I know i have been MIA. Let me start of by saying that this semester has taken a toll on me. I seriously miss blogging and I have been so busy with school that I dont have time to do any of that. However since the semester is almost over, I will be getting back into blogging and what so ever. But if you have been following my social media cites, I am pretty much active on instagram, snapchat, and twitter.

I am writing this blog as I am about to leave for Victoria for school. As exhausted as I am, I have been uber busy during my whole reading break which is unfortunate for me because it’s suppose to be a time for me to catch up on my school work and take a break. In addition to all that craziness, I am traveling a lot in 2015. WOOHOO! I am planning some trips which I will not say where yet because it is in the planning stages. Some will be with my family, some will be with my friends and some will be trips I will be going on my own.

I’ve realized that I can’t be sitting at home and be all miserable in terms of being stuck in one place at the same time. Even though I am living in Victoria and my parents are back home in Vancouver, I need to get out more and explore the world. Since I am turning 20 in April, I need to start to live my life and embrace every opportunity that is given to me. Thus I believe that traveling is the way to do it. Its funny because I had a conversation with my mom the other day about travel and she wishes that she could re live her 20s and do whatever she wants to do before settling down. Trust me, I will embracing my 20s and travel as much as I can. So I hope I can take you guys on this amazing journey with me🙂

Anyway it was nice blogging and I hope I can post more blogs in the coming weeks.

Anyways as per usual, Please follow my social media sites. Twitter and Instagram: @brigittemegan and tumblr , pinterest , and I’ll be posting a lot of photos on my cite.

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September Updates

Hey guys,

I know I haven’t been writing on my blog a lot, but that is going to change. Lately I have been swamped with school and my life has been crazy. I pretty much lost my voice for almost a week and a half and I’ve been going through a lot of rough moments in the past couple of months. Hope you guys understand the reasons why I haven’t been posting on here, but I’m pretty much back. And trust me, I’ve been gathering ideas for the blog and hope you guys are excited.

As you may probably know, I am back in school full time. I am currently taking 5 courses, which is pretty much a big work load considering I am entering my second year of my post-secondary education. It had me thinking, am I ready for grad school or should I be working? There is just a lot of soul thinking that I need to do with my career. My main goal is to help people as much as possible on the federal level. Whether if it is solving the issues of health care wait times, foreign affair issues or issues that affects people on a daily basis. I want to be able to make a difference and be the one who can step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to be where I want to be. It’s scary to think about my future especially I’m only a second year, but time flies by so fast. As well, I am going to be working on 2 elections (Federal and municipal) so that is going to be interesting because I haven’t worked on the municipal level, which is actually going to be interesting. I guess it is good experience for me to look at how elections look behind the scenes.

I’ve been getting some request about a room tour of my new place, and that will become up soon on my youtube. I also got some other stuff on the way so stay tuned. Some reviews like my views on the iPhone 6, and more tech related stuff will also be up really soon. Anyways, in terms of uploading post, I am looking at posting at least 2-3 posts a weeks. I currently left my DSLR at my parent’s house in Vancouver so I won’t be able to do some shoots until after Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. This is down from 5 days a week since I have a flexible schedule in the summer. I will be starting with a post on Thursday so be ready guys! I’m back!

Anyways, thanks for supporting me! And for those who have been my tumblr followers for a while. Thank you so much (from the bottom of my heart) for sticking with me for the past 4 1/2 years.

Anyways as per usual, Please follow my social media sites. Twitter and Instagram: @brigittemegan and tumblr and pinterest

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